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ORGASM: 7 ways to take her there

When I'm this close to orgasm—eyes squeezed shut, lips twisted in a Billy Idol sneer, cheeks glowing—the most descriptive word wouldn't be "passionate" or "erotic." It would be "determined." Because right then, at the edges of my fading consciousness, I'm worried that the phone will ring, my knees will lose their traction on the sheets, or my boyfriend will change position, and suddenly I'll be sliding away from that elusive peak instead of moving toward it. For the 75 percent of women who don't always reach orgasm during intercourse, this happens all the time. What we need is a fuse blower—that last shot of stimulation that blasts us into orgasmic never-never land. "Calling it a fuse blower is pretty appropriate," says sex therapist Ian Kerner, Ph.D. "Recent studies show that in order for a woman to achieve orgasm, the part of her brain associated with stress, emotion, and anxiety has to shut down.
If you're able to d…


What's the most comfortable position When it comes to sex during pregnancy, your go-to positions may start feeling awkward as your bellY gets bigger. Sex is definitely still in the picture – but you'll probably be looking for new ways to make it happen. Here are some ideas (complete with illustrations!) to get you started.
·"Missionary" position If you try missionary position after the first trimester, wedge a pillow under you so you're tilted, not flat on your back. And make sure your partner supports himself so his weight isn't on your belly.

You on top This position can work throughout your pregnancy. Straddle your partner as he lies on his back. That way, there'll be no weight on your abdomen and you can control the depth of penetration.
Side-by-side, from behind Lie with your partner facing your back and entering from behind. Keep some pillows handy for extra support as your pregnancy progresses. Penetration tends to be shallower in this position. That's …


You see a lot of articles about what men can do during sex to make it better for the woman, but there’s a lot less information – and opinion – on the mistakes women make. So, to set the record straight, here’s our list of ten things for women to avoid. 1. EXPECTING HIM TO THINK LIKE A WOMAN We’ve all seen loads of books with titles like “Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus” which highlight an unfortunate difference between the sexes. Men and women don’t think the same way – and while we’re not going to get into why this happens, it’s important to remember that fact when you’re in a relationship. In general, men are not as romantic as women, they don’t see romance as a necessary prelude to §£X, and they can divorce §£X from their feelings in a way that perhaps most women can’t. So there will be plenty of times when a man wants §£X even if he isn’t feeling romantic and connected to his partner. For him, the physical pleasure of §£X is a reward in itself. He doesn’t need to be seduced in…


I was a very happy man. My wonderful girlfriend and I had been dating for over a year, and so we
Decided to get married. There was only one little thing bothering me...It was her beautiful younger sister.

My prospective sister-in-law was twenty-two, wore very tight mini skirts, and generally was bra-less. She would regularly bend down when she was near
me, and I always got more than a nice view. It had to be deliberate. Because she never did it when she was near anyone else.

One day her 'little' sister called and asked me to come over to check the wedding invitations. She was alone when I arrived, and she whispered to me that she had feelings and desires for me that she couldn't overcome. She told me that she wanted me just once before I got married and committed my life to her sister.

Well, I was in total shock, and couldn't say a word.

She said, 'I'm going upstairs to my bedroom, and if you want one last wild fling, just come up and get me.'

I was stunne…

A 2003 Valentine's Day Sex Story

Well today is Valentine. Its all about love. Lots of sex will surely happen. If it actually sounded like a bomb, we would be hearing booom, boom booooom, booom booom, from now till maybe noon tomorrow.

Many young people are eager to get it done for the first time. We out gift for you today is a very romantic love story on a valentine day. A confession by Elizabeth who does not want her full name out. 

Enjoy reading below. If you want to try, do it safe unless its with your legally married partner.

Valentine’s Day, February 2003

Leland and I had been dating for a few months and this was our first Valentine’s Day together so I wanted to have some alone time. The problem? We were both living with our parents. So I did what any horny 22 year old would do: I bought them a gift certificate to a restaurant and sent them out to dinner. 

I planned a meal to make for Leland, and for the life of me I can’t remember what I made except for french onion soup. I know, who makes a romantic dinner with oni…

Allow teenagers to have sex with condom- Pentecost counsellor

A counsellor and elder of the church of Pentecost, New Achimota District, Mr Nii Armah Hammond, has admonished stakeholders to allow teenagers who can’t control their libido to be allowed to have safe sex.
In the opinion of the respectable grandfather and church leader, safe sex is the best means of preventing teenage pregnancy and its associated complications and other ramification including bringing otherwise bright future of the victims to ruins. Elder Nii Armah Hammond believes that too much is at stake when young teenagers get pregnant. In his view not only the individual suffers but the collateral damage to the family and the country are equally damming.
As he puts it, the stigma associated with teenage pregnancy affect the family concern long after the act and in most cases making the products of such pregnancy liabilities for the nation.

Mr Hammond made this remarks at the maiden edition of Mmabunu Mmbre( Time with the youth), a youth content program anchored by Mr Akyena Brantuo …


I wanted my first time having sex to be special. Like, really special. I’d been with my boyfriend for almost a year when I decided the time was right. And as soon as I did, I went into planning mode for the big event.
We picked a weekend when his parents were out of town, so we could have total privacy. He bought a ton of scented candles and made a mix of love songs. I bought sexy lingerie and made my favorite pasta salad for a romantic dinner. The week before the big night, we had a seven day count down, leaving flirty notes on each other’s cars and winking at each other whenever anyone asked what we were up to that weekend. Sure, I was nervous for sex, but with all of our preparations and planning, I knew it was going to be perfect.
The day of our special night, I went over to my boyfriend’s house in the morning to help him set up. I dropped off my sexy little outfit, put the pasta in the fridge, laid the condoms out on his nightstand in a perfect fan, and set up candles all over his …

21 Women Reveal The Craziest Sexual Experience They Had In Europe That They’d Never Have Back Home

1. “When I was in Rome, four unbelievably gorgeous Italian men propositioned me and asked me which one I’d like to sleep with for the night. They all offered to drop their pants to help me make the decision. Finally, one of them was all, ‘What about all of us?’ And, I was like, fuck it, I am young and alone in Italy… why not? (They also took a bit of video before I realized it so I could very well be on an Italian porn site somewhere, which isn’t awesome, but whatever, it’s my favorite travel experience!) — Claudia, 29 2. “One night, all my friends and I went to this night club. A couple of us traveling together had hooked up with each other and we were joking around about it, we had bottle service and we were pretty drunk. One guy was like “we should all know what it’s like to kiss each other, honestly. We practically do.” Instantaneously, everyone started making out. Everyone. Guys and girls, girls and girls, guys and guys. We still don’t talk about it unless we’re wasted.” — Jane, 2…