I wanted my first time having sex to be special. Like, really special. I’d been with my boyfriend for almost a year when I decided the time was right. And as soon as I did, I went into planning mode for the big event.

We picked a weekend when his parents were out of town, so we could have total privacy. He bought a ton of scented candles and made a mix of love songs. I bought sexy lingerie and made my favorite pasta salad for a romantic dinner. The week before the big night, we had a seven day count down, leaving flirty notes on each other’s cars and winking at each other whenever anyone asked what we were up to that weekend. Sure, I was nervous for sex, but with all of our preparations and planning, I knew it was going to be perfect.

The day of our special night, I went over to my boyfriend’s house in the morning to help him set up. I dropped off my sexy little outfit, put the pasta in the fridge, laid the condoms out on his nightstand in a perfect fan, and set up candles all over his bedroom. Once we had everything in place, there was still some time to kill before I had to be at the mall for work. So, we started messing around. And, well, things got really heated and we already had the condoms right by the bed and we’d both been thinking about nothing but sex for a whole week, so, sex just happened!
And after all of that prep, I lost my virginity with no candlelight, no music, no lingerie, and no special dinner. Nothing was special about it at all!

When we were hanging out in bed afterwards, I decided I needed to do something special to mark my first steps down Sex Street. So, I turned to my boyfriend and started singing my own version of “If You’re Happy And You Know It.” Instead of the normal lyrics, I sang, “If you’re a VIRGIN and you know it, clap your hands.” Neither of us clapped and I made a huge deal of how this was the first time neither of us clapped to that song. As if anyone on the face of the planet had ever heard the virgin version of that song before! Whatever. I needed it to be special and that silly song made my first time special enough.
That night, we went through with our perfectly planned special night. Candle light, music, sexy outfit, and pasta dinner. And, I have to say, my second time having sex was totally perfect.

Was your first time everything you dreamed it would be? Let us know in the comments


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